Important information for all picnics at pont de val picnic park

Timeslots and entrance to Pont de Val:

  • Check in time for your picnic is between 11:00 and 11:30 and for the Sunset Picnic between 16:30 and 17:00.  Please note that if you do not arrive by 12:00/17:00, you will be charged R100 per hour late.  You can make a card payment before we take you to your picnic spot, should you have arrived late.
  • Your entrance fee is included on luxury picnic packages, NOT WITH PICNIC FOR 2 PACKAGE.  Please give your name when you arrive at the ticket office and they will allow the number of people as per your picnic booking to go through.
  • Once you arrived, kindly find one of our staff members at The Potter’s Shop in the Village shops and we will take you to your spot.
  • Check out time is strictly at 17:00.  You can leave the set up right there and don’t need to pack up anything.  If you leave early, kindly inform us so that someone can come pack up and ensure our décor does not get lost or go missing.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, you cannot picnic longer if you arrived late!  Be on time to be able to enjoy the whole 6 hours of your picnic.  Picnics are packed up at 17:00.


  • Please note that NO FOOD OR DRINK will be allowed upon entrance.  There is also no corkage fee.  
  • If you booked food with us e.g. picnic box, dessert platter or cake, we will collect it from the kitchen for you at 11:00/17:00, depending on the picnic you booked.
  • Special dietary requirements are catered for IF YOU BOOK IN ADVANCE.  Please inform us so we can make the necessary arrangements to suit your dietary needs.
  • The food market, Le Grand Marche (on site), sells pizzas, baguettes, pastries, etc.  You are welcome to buy from the market if you have not booked food through us. 

Cutlery & crockery:

  • We provide you with cutlery, an underplate, fabric napkins, paper plates and a Pont de Val-branded plastic wine glass for each person.  Please leave the cutlery, underplates and napkins at the picnic spot.  You can take your Pont de Val-branded plastic wine glass (or chalice as we call it at Pont de Val) home as a souvenir. 


  • Your picnic set up includes the décor and flowers.  You are welcome to take the flowers out of the vase and take it home.  Kindly leave all other décor behind including vases.
  • Please note that we cannot take responsibility for looking after your picnic spot.  It has happened that other people go sit on a picnic spot and start taking photos.  We have asked the security to please watch out for this, however, the responsibility ultimately lies with you between 11:00 and 17:00 that your spot is used by you only.


  • Your picnic may be postponed up to 48 hours prior to your booking.  If you decide to continue your picnic, the risk is yours and we cannot take responsibility for a refund or postponement.
  • Please note that if it rains, we do not currently have alternative options.  We do our best to make it work on the day if you decided to continue, even if we have to set up a table under the roof, however, we will communicate this to you directly on the morning of your picnic.  

Cancellation & postponement:

  • Your picnic may be postponed up to 48 hours prior to your booking.  Your picnic can be rescheduled to a new date or otherwise we will give you a voucher equal to the money spent on the picnic.


  • We take all precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  All picnic décor including pillows, throws, etc. as well as cutlery and crockery is thoroughly washed after every single picnic.  
  • Please remember your mask as this is a requirement according to the law.  Let’s care for our neighbours and also keep ourselves safe during this time.
  • We comply with the regulations given in this time.  Should the regulations not allow the sale of alcohol, we unfortunately cannot give you a Pont de Val Le Grand Evasion 2020 wine.  We will replace this wine with a non-alcoholic wine or champagne, whichever is available at Pont de Val, and add some water and juice to your booking.  Kindly indicate whether you prefer a white or red wine and, if available, whether you prefer a bubbly.