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Bellflower Studios is a floral and creative design studio at the quaint riverside Village de Pont, Pont de Val Winery, en route to Parys from Joburg.  We have a passion for flowers, being creative and going the extra mile to make something special.  We arrange flowers and décor for weddings and events. Our inspiration flows from the location and environment that surrounds the venue as well as the client’s needs to create a perfect balance for each individual event.

Trust us to give your event that stylish edge!

We are environmentally conscious in our approach to floral design and place emphasis to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can.  Our aim is to become more and more sustainable through sourcing flowers from ethically and locally approved suppliers.

“Make your life a masterpiece;

imagine no limitations

on what you can be, have or do.”

~ Brian Tracey




My name is Carmen and I founded Bellflower in 2019.  My love for art, architecture and beautiful settings, is my inspiration for the floral and creative design studio.  

During my formative years as a practising Landscape Architect, I gained valuable experience in the design field and my appreciation for our local flora developed into a fondness for everything floral.  My design and creative skills are complimented by a keen eye for detail and is constantly being refreshed through inspirations found in nature.  Flowers tell stories that speak to our senses through the smell, colour or texture.