Pique-Nique Le Sunset



    • This romantic picnic is bookable for a maximum of 6 people.
    • Every booking includes the latest bottle of the Pont de Val Grande Evasion 2020* Please note that a non-alcoholic alternative will be given during lockdown restrictions.
    • Your booking includes entrance fee to the Pont de Val Winery.
    • Kindly arrive by latest 16:00 or you might forfeit your picnic setup.
    • Your picnic will be packed up by our staff at 18:00
    • Weather: Picnics may be postponed 48 hours prior to your booking based on weather reports.¬†Should you wish to continue, it will be at your own risk.
    • More information will be emailed to you a few days prior to your booking.
    Check-in: 15.30-16:00 Check-out: 18.00